Men and Gears

Ernesto Sabato in the essay "Men and gears", tries to identify and find a foundation on the malaise that reigns in recent times. Sábato is a man of many readings, but his intellectual position is not specifically that of a philosopher, but perhaps that of a thinker who seeks answers to the unknowns he poses. His perception corresponds to that of his contemporaries, Berdiaeff, Mumford, and the existentialists Camus and Kierkegaard. In this essay, Sabato analyzes the history of civilization from the point of view of the crisis that he situates in the middle of the 20th century. Into Albanian the “Man and Gears” from the original was translated by Orjela Stafasani

Author: Ernesto Sabato

Title: Men and Gears

Pages: 168

Year: 2017

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