Osman Gashi

Osman Gashi (1962) is a poet and critic in Kosovo. He has published works: “Interliterary studies” (2005), “The Limits of Literature” (2008), “Beyond oblivion” (1999), “The Heaven Rivers” (2004), “Torzo Alive” (2007) and “Literature and myth” that, in 2014, has won a national award as the best work of the year in criticism.

Also, he had translated studies from the fields of literary theory, history of literature and comparative literature, authors such as Roland Barthes, Julia Kristeva, Claude Pichois, André-Michel Rousseau, Miroslav Beker, Viktor Zhmegaç etc.

Osman Gashi is Professor of World Literature and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Pristina.