Ernesto Sabato

Ernesto Sábato, in full Ernesto Roque Sábato, (born June 24, 1911, Rojas, Argentina—died April 30, 2011, Buenos Aires), Argentine novelist, journalist, and essayist whose novels are notable for their concern with philosophical and psychological issues and whose political and social studies were highly influential in Argentina in the latter half of the 20th century.

Some of his notable works include: “The Angel of Darkness”; “Heterodoxia”; “Hombres y engranajes” (Men and Gears); “Nunca más”; “The Tunel”; “Tres aproximaciones a la literatura de nuestro tiempo”; “Uno y el universo”; “El caso Sabato”; “El otro rostro del peronísmo”; “On Heroes and Tombs” etc.

The essay “Man and Gears” (Hombres y engranajes), Sabato analyzes the history of civilization from the point of view of the crisis that he situates in the middle of the 20th century.