Ag Apolloni

Ag Apolloni (1982) is a novelist, poet, dramatist, critic and Professor at University of Prishtina.

He studied Dramaturgy at the Faculty of Arts and Albanian Literature at the Faculty of Philology, at University of Prishtina. He is Doctor of Letters, editor-in-chief of Symbol and author of these books: Zomb (2009), Plays (2010), The Postmodern Parable (2010), The Paradigm of Proteus (2012), The Howl of the Wolf (2013), Zazen (2014), Konitza’s suitcase (2016), Hamlet according to Horatio (2017).

His works has been translated into several languages and has been rewarded with national awards.
Apolloni’s original Albanian language works have been published exclusively by OM Publishing House since 2012.